Bug In dynamic components


If you enter any variable or formula other that a number into the RotZ or X,Y it loses its degree Value and takes on a decimal or mm valve and so errors are produced on the On-click Function there after.
You will notice all value are set at 0 but once you enter a formula into just one of the Rot X,Y,Y they all change to 0.0 which seem to be defaulting to decimal and no longer degrees{ I suppose it is radians under the hood}


Can you please submit the DC with support for analysis?



Try it out yourself. Type a formula into RotZ and watch Values change in
RotY and RotX to “0.0” from “0”. This cause issues with onclick function.
Its pretty logical. No more are the values in the rotation in degrees. but
default to something else. It happens in all models and is why so many
peaple cannot make onclick work properly using animate. IMHO.


isn’t the value of 0.0 the same as 0 ? Can you upload an example there this is a problem?


Hi PC-Moor
0 and 0.0 are different values under the hood so to speak. 0 is Degrees
which is programmed into the RotZ,x,y fields as default and shows as
"0" The 0.0 only shows up if a formula is added to the RotZ,x,y fields, the
result value can be text or Inches or decimal. Its a bit like, if you don’t
set you values to millimetres you will get Inches as default.
Pointless loading up model because it happen on all models. It only take a
second to setup a mock model to test for yourself.


Why don’t you provide the example then, two persons already asked for it. It will help because all are participants are speaking about the same problem then…


I’ve had another look at this complaint, and do observe a “bug” in just using a straight attribute fill from direct entry in RotX,RotY and RotZ or from the option dialog, In that you can’t use decimal and changing one , zeroes the others

The problem, I believe is this behavior, whereas using formulas and getting 0.0 is actually correctrotate test.skp (25.8 KB)

note example, though simple attached
put values either in the option dialog or attributes, does not allow decimal or more than one value unless all are edited


Hello pcmoor,

My observations are opposite to yours. ( I am using Mac)

a) In ResetsToZero.skp (16.3 KB) the value of RotZ is set via a formula , RANDBETWEEN(RotX,RotY). For this DC changing RotX and RotY using options Or LenZ using onclick changes the value of RotX and RotY to zero.

b) In StayConstant.skp (30.2 KB) the value of RotX, RotY, and RotZ are set directly. For this DC changing RotX, RotY,and RotZ using options Or LenZ using onclick keeps the rotation values constant.

Based on the observation for StayConstant.skp, I think, the behavior of ResetsToZero DC is a bug.

PS- 1invisiblegod providing a sample puts us all on the same page and speeds up the analysis.



I agree that changing one rotation value should not zero the others.
Plus one should be able to enter decimal degrees without them rounding down. I check my model info and that was set at 0.000 so 5.9 should be okay but its rounded to 5


@pcmoor, the rounding bug is also reproducible with StayConstant.skp.


@1invisiblegod, I will create bugs for both the issues.


@1invisiblegod, for some reason I can no longer reproduce the onclick issue (rotation values set to zero). Please provide a test case so that we can create a bug.


@ChrisFullmer anything to add to this?


Hi Chris I have found another bug. http://youtu.be/_RJUEfw21fg?hd=1


Hi YogeshI have found another bug. http://youtu.be/_RJUEfw21fg?hd=1


Hi pcmoor I have found another bug.
http://youtu.be/_RJUEfw21fg?hd=1 video


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