Error with Dynamic Model "ROT" added in model - "Attributes Window"


I am uploading models to sketchup warehouse properly, and all dynamic model functions are displaying per model, however when I download from within sketchup from the warehouse any of my models many of them are having the “Rotation” being added for all directions equaling “0”. I did not set any Rotation equals in Attribute Window - but the sketchup warehouse is adding this any ways.

This is making it impossible to Rotate the models as they always snap back to 0 axis. Cant figure what the difference is between the roughly half of my models that are doing this and the other half which is not.

you can see many of the models in question - just download a few of them you will see what I am referring to by opening the “Attributes Window” and trying to rotate the models.

I believe its to do with some of the groups having conflicting axis, however rather than trying to change every component so the sub axis run true, a simple fix is to leave or place the rotation attributes in the components and enter 0 into then so a greyout result remains

you will notice after entering 0 in the final attribute (RotZ) the 0.0 all change to 0
this works

or course you have the job of reloading all the effected components

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Wow - its always something that simple in the end. Thank you so much for spending your time helping with my little problem. This reminds me of when your in the store and you ask the clerk were a certain item is - and it’s really just right in front of you. I will re-apply after I have done a few models - to confirm all is good.

All good here - fixed all my models now - thank you very much again, need to buy you a cake.