[BUG] Exporting in Mac LO 2018 - Oversized Option button obscuring filetype selection

I had a look in the forums but couldn’t see anyone else reporting this bug.

When you go to export your file in Layout 2018, the Options button for export is stretched unnaturally hiding the Filetype options. Makes it impossible to select any other filetype other than whatever is selected as default - this as a significant issue! See attached screenshot.

Could be a High Sierra OSX problem. The screenshot is from my 2011 Macbook Pro.

Looks like I might have put this in the wrong spot - should go under technical problems. Maybe one of the moderators could move it for me.

I also noticed this problem now also occurring with my version of Layout 2017 confirming my suspicion that it is somehow a High Sierra related issue.

Hi Adrian-

You’re exactly correct that this issue is specific to High Sierra - we have a bug in the code that does the UI layout for this dialog. The workaround for now is to switch that dialog back to the “small” version by clicking on the drop arrow button to the right-hand side of the “Save as:” text box. For a more permanent fix you’d either need to edit one of the .nib files inside the LayOut installation or just wait for an update from us.

More discussion here:


Moved. Your problem sounds a bit the same as discussed in this thread: Option in Layout to save to DWG is gone? - #36 by Marc
Edit: Marc beat me!

Ah yes… click on the little arrow and you can get to the options!


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