Bucket Tool Reset Button

I’m looking for my reset button on my mac to get back to my color or material in the original stage, when I started.
I know PC has one.
I feel a little stupid asking this.

To add, remove, or reorder tools on any toolbar, follow these steps, which reflect your current operating system (Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X):
Make sure the toolbar you want to customize is displayed. When you select View > Toolbars, a check mark appears next to each displayed toolbar. If a toolbar isn’t displayed, select its name to display it.
From the menu bar, select View > Toolbars > Customize. Or click the Toolbar Options drop-down menu (the down arrow at the end of each toolbar) and select Add or Remove Buttons > Customize. Either way, the Customize dialog box appears.
Click the Commands tab, which displays a list of tools that you can add to a toolbar, as shown in the following figure. If you want to remove or move a tool, skip to Step 4.
(Optional) By default, the All Commands option is selected in the Categories list. However, you can narrow down the tools displayed in the Commands list by selecting a category in the Categories list. For example, select Arrange in the Categories list to display only the arranging commands in the Commands list.
Do any of the following:
Add a tool: Drag a tool or command from the Commands list to the toolbar. An insertion cursor indicates where the tool or command will appear on the toolbar when you release the mouse button.
Remove a tool: Drag a tool off the toolbar.
Move a tool: In the toolbar, drag any tool to a new location within the toolbar.

Check this link

@leen Toolbars are not customizable on a mac.

@jirkablom could explain what you need a little better.
It sounds like you just want to look at your model in Monochrome mode.

On the Window Material editor there is a button to reset the color after editing. There is no reset in the Mac Color Picker’s editor. You would need to go back to the library you got the color from and re-select it. Or, if it’s a color/material you’ve just created, it would be wise to duplicate it before you edit.

@leen, even if toolbars could be customized on the Mac, this has nothing to do with customizing toolbars. Please take the time to read and understand the poster’s question before writing a long, off-topic reply.

Thnx, This is the answer to my Question.