Brushed radial metal V-Ray

Hi! Guys, who know how to set such material in V-Ray? Didn’t find a way to do it. Created a topic in chaosgroup support yesterday but no reply and I spend at about an hour trying to solve it by myself with the help of V-ray official documentation pages. Maybe somebody did a similar thing before? If possible could you assign the needed mtl to my test skp scene? or explain how exactly to get the same result? Thanks!

brushed radial metal.skp (419.6 KB)

There is a ‘Brushed Steel’ texture in the VRAY default materials library that looks great but as you’ve noted, it doesn’t work for circular parts like the bottom of that pan.

Try duplicating the Brushed Steel texture…Then replace the Diffuse and Bump Map textures with a circular one. Here is one from online I found. There may be better ones out there. I made the bump as well in Photoshop.

After replacing the texture links, render again and, while this was done very quickly so could be better, it looks a lot more like the image you posted.