Broken Image Links

Today I noticed several broken image links for inline images in posts.

Is this an internal issue ?

and other post(s) further down the thread.

I can see them. Are you still running into issues?

Although the image in Gully’s post doesn’t load for me: Wishlist: A "Move To/From" Teleporter Extension - #2 by Wade

Yes, here’s another example:

When I click on the image I get this… “The Image could not be loaded
Both Chrome and IE 11 exhibit the problem.

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It may be related to this:

These image breaks are still happening, even your Pinned post about filling in your user info has a huge missing image.
I see this on FF Chrome IE and android.I have cleared all caches.

It also seems the Profile Backgrounds have disappeared too.

Yupp, I am getting it to. So this is what I received from the Discourse guy @sam :

I am continuing to follow up.

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this missing images have been happening on Safari [mac] for last two days…
the error given is http/https same domain policy conflict…

Great thanks, it’s nice to know it’s not something on our systems and is being worked on.

Looks like the links are working again.

We should be all good now, we migrated off the problem storage device.

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