Can't see image in the post

Hi, I can’t see any image or avatar in all the post ?

Did my browser can have an impact I use google chrome

Not on its own, no - I use Chrome and it has been working fine all day and still is.

Perhaps try clearing your browser cache, or try another browser?

I clean my browser 3 times but not working. I just try with another browser and it’s working
I always use Google chrome and this is the fist time happen.

Thnaks for your suggestion

Well at least another browser got you going again.

Take a look here
Ctrl + F5

I try but Nothing happen with chrome. Chrome work today, I can go in but no image and when I clean the history.
it’s worst because i have a blank page now.

I see on another forum that a lot of those thing don’t work no more with chrome because
they dont support je java with the new version. I have a new big pc to draw

Anyway I don’t like IE but if anyone have Something let me know.

Thanks for your help

Ok my new pc built with windows 10 pro. I find a way to dowload chrome earlier version and that work

Hope that help someone

Ok Nothing works again today with chrome, someone know about this situation.
I don’t like to use IE, I have Windows 10 pro, new pc and never see that before

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