A blast from the past. The @Last forum

Take a trip back in time. Many of the forum links still work. Images don’t show, but skps and rubies seem to…as does the link to the now defunct Objective Networks.

ON was an early (and free) trial run for FormFonts…and the model that Google later borrowed for the 3D Warehouse.
The big difference is that the content was moderated and QAed.


Nice. I joined the community right after the Google acquisition so SketchUcation was my first SU forum.

In that case Thom, try this.

I can’t seem to get any further back because of ant-robot precautions. You’re on page 2 of Plugins.

The first version I can see is from Feb 2011…

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You’re a robot!? :smiley:

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Just call me Millennium Man. Better make that an anti-bot, not an ant-robot…that sounds like some fancy nano-technology. :smiley:

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Old-timers remember Up for review

… and SketchUp in Night Shoot

I found the hiding place on my HD where copies of these threads were archived. Still waiting to recover a few more notable threads.

Broken image links…

What broken image links? Everything works as expected at my end. Test if the “broken” part is with this forum format by refreshing the page. Another Sage has been adding MP4 videos to the posts which often don’t appear unless the page is refreshed.

Interesting. I get broken link symbols on the forum page, but if I click the symbol, Safari opens the image in a new tab.

This is what I see

Did you upload the images to the site or hot-link them?

They were hot-linked - an upload option which should work and displayed fine at my end. The above images were replaced.

I can see both images. Tested in both Firefox and Chrome.

URLs are:
https://forums.sketchup.com/uploads/short-url/1Sr5xDMqj6qTeEYsBALBR6HKxhm.jpg and https://forums.sketchup.com/uploads/short-url/8Cgh8TemsuQtSxBuOSjMqhDGIPq.jpg

Images work fine here too - must be ‘filtered’ for you for some reason…

They work for me now after the images were replaced.