Surprising Outcome from Visiting the Forums

So I mentioned in another thread that I had been using Sketchup for a good amount of time. What I meant when I said that was that I had basically used it on-and-off. I believe I started tinkering when I was 12 (at least, my oldest 3D workshop models correspond to that time. And yes, they are completely hideous. :astonished: lol)

Point being, in all that time, I only ever really got the basics of Sketchup down. Making rigid, boxy shapes, maybe the occasional angle, that type of thing. At least until I came here.

I have to say, in the less than one week I’ve been here, I already feel like I’ve learned so much more about this program than I ever figured out on my own in those eight years combined. And for that, I thank the community here. :smile:

That said, I decided to have a go at actually making something detailed based on the things I’ve picked up here, so I made this table.

Admittedly I drew some inspiration from this post i came across, but, either way, I’m happy with how it came out. It’s basically the best thing I done in Sketchup in all 8 years combined. So, yeah, thanks everyone!


And then there were chairs!

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That sounds a lot like my own experience with Sketchup, except I started tinkering at 40-ish. Now I’m 53, and I’m finally taking the time to learn more and to explore the program in more detail. I’m also brand new to the forum, but I see how it could be a huge asset, and generate lot’s of ideas for new projects. I think I feel a spaceship model coming on…

Nice! Never too old to learn.

I think I’m starting to get addicted to Sketchup (again)…

Learning to render with Podium certainly has it’s difficulties, though…
Does this mean I get to blame everyone here for fostering an addiction?

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I can’t speak for others, but I’ll gladly assume partial blame! :alien:

modeling is only one part of SketchUp, next step would be to pay closer attention to your texturing

in the images above, the texture to the legs of the table jumps out at me screaming (not to mention the chairs)

you’ll need to study photos of the subject you’re modeling if you’re not first-hand familiar with it, this will help you create more convincing (and physically correct) models

keep up the good work and enjoy SketchUp!

Yeah. I managed to figure that out with the textures about the time I got around to modelling the bay window bench. I just didn’t really get around to re-texturing the table and chairs. lol