Bring Thea proxy back to sketchup?

Hi everyone,

I posted on Thea forum, with yet not much success so I’m trying here as well :slight_smile:

I have an old project with thea proxies that I modeled for surrounding buildings. The thing is I can’t find the original sketchup models (I believe at that time I converted them right inside the model without keeping a copy…) and I need to make modifications to those, and even have them back as sketchup models as there is no use for them to be proxies anymore.
I do have the proxy files *.mod.thea and I can insert it as a proxy from the Thea browser (and it renders fine), but is there a way to convert the proxy back to Sketchup?
Is it even possible?

Any help would be great.
Thank you

I don’t think you can, but the best place is to ask in Thea forum.

I did, but no response yet… I thought I’d have a wider audience here :wink:

Thanks for you response
I might have to remodel the whole thing then. Bummer.

Just to keep track, I finally got a response from Thea and it is indeed not possible to bring the model back as it is now a native Thea format, and Thea cannot save to another format.
The only “solution” is to bring the proxy with the maximum number of triangles… and remodel on top. Not great if the model is super complicated, but in my case I will have to work with that.

So… better save your models before converting them to proxies!
Good day to all