Bring Back the Yellow Origin Point

This might be something insignificant for most users but I was so used to it that it pierced my eye the first time I saw it. Why was the origin point changed to a black and white circle? I liked it so much when it was yellow. I thought it had philosophy behind the design and the decision of the colour yellow - to me its shape and colour resembled the Sun and since it shows up only at the origin, it really seemed like the “centre of the Solar System”.

The current colour choice looks like a black hole. This is purely subjective but I thought I’d share my opinion anyway, since I miss the yellow Sun when I work in 2017. Hope it will be brought back in the future versions.

Before SketchUp 2017

After SketchUp 2017

As an alternative workaround, maybe under the Accessibility tab from SketchUp 2017 a separate option could be offered for the inference point colours as well.


This has bugged me a bit too. I associate black with intersections which are the “weakest” points in the model, exist only through other elements and is changed when any of these elements are altered. The origin on the other hand, the center of each SketchUp universe, is the “strongest” of all points, exists regardless of everything else in the model and can never be deleted.


the new one is 128px and the old was only 16px…

changing the background color to Yellow would improve it greatly…

you can do that yourself on a mac, if you wanted to…


You could do it on the PC, too.

can you access the inference image files on the PC? I thought you couldn’t…


You can. They are SVG files in Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/ Images. they could be edited in Inkscape or converted to PNG, edited, and converted back.

Tool Cursors, Dialog Images and Toolbars … yes
Inference Dots and the like … I think not.

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Wouldn’t that destroy them? The idea, I understand, about the SVG icons is that they are vector graphics that the OS can scale without a deterioration in quality.


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