Brightness in v-ray

I am trying to render a daylight interior scene and i am stuck. Could someone advise on how can i reduce the brightness coming from a window without losing the light inside? I have tried with all kinds of parameters , using a background environment and without, with dome light and without, rectangle light etc. but i still can`t get it right.

Bună, Oana!

In the image, is the light from the window generated only by the sun?
Did you use Rectangle Light as a Portal Light?
Did you use the exposure setting (EV)?
Have you tried out Light Gen?
Or Corrections Control?

Add a fill light inside the room.

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Yes, the light comes only from the sun. I didn`t use any additional fill light. I played with the exposure values and everything and this is the best result that i could come up with .

What I see in your render seems like what I would expect for the available light. Consider what would happen in reality. If you took a photograph in the space with only sunlight coming in through those windows, it would look very much like what you have. If you adjust the exposure to the rest of the room is lighter, you’ll further burn out the windows on the left. If you don’t want that to happen you have to add other light sources to illuminate the space.