Bridging a gap

I have a circular cup drawn and need to draw a strap across the middle.I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it. I’ve done it in the past but I can’t remember how. The attached picture shows some cups with the strap there. The skp file shows what I have drawn and now need to add the strap to.

Clear as mud, eh?

singer 237 tension indicator flange-5.skp (285.6 KB)

One way would be to draw lines across the circle representing the edges of the strap. The faces will fill in but no matter.

Select and delete the unwanted faces on either side of the strap.

Get Push/Pull and hit Ctrl (Option on Mac). Then push the face down to create the required thickness. Don’t worry about the reversed face at this point.

Erase the unneeded edges making sure you don’t leave any internal edge segments or faces.

Make it a component or group and check to see that it reports as solid.

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That’s the process I tried but the attached skp file shows I end up with an open top and what looks to be construction lines on the interior rim within the strap area.

singer 237 tension indicator flange-5.skp (286.5 KB)

You missed an important part (in bold, below)

Those vertical lines are a result of Push/Pull with the edge of the hole being exploded into its individual edges. You won’t want those edges or faces anyway so you could just erase them. Then to fill the top of the strap, trace one edge segment along the curve. After getting the face on top of the strap, erase the edge segments at the ends of the strap. Hitting Ctrl before Pushing simplifies the process. Also make sure you correct any reversed faces.

You’re right, I missed hitting the Ctrl key with Push/Pull tool.

I think I have to reverse the face of the strap as it is not white like the rest of the drawing.

In my screen first instructions, only the top face was reversed. Erasing the edges at the end of the strap automatically fixed it, though. If you still have any reversed faces after the geometry is complete, right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.

Thank you for the quick response and the detailed information, much appreciated.

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You’re quite welcome.

To give you an alternative method that may be more appropriate in some situations, you could draw the cup without the central hole. Then draw the shape of the holes.

Use Push/Pull to push through to create the openings. Make sure you stop pushing at the opposite face.

Yes, that looks like an interesting option.

You have a gift for this. I’m never sure I’m describing the problem properly but you see what I want and offer clear solutions and sometimes multiple solutions. Amazing!

Thank you. So far I don’t think I’ve had any difficulty understanding what you’ve been asking for.