Bricklaid Components to a Wheel

I have 24 bricks (really wood pieces) that are in three 8 brick layers (octagon shaped) that need to be made into a wheel rim (Diameter 8 1/4", Width 1", Thickness 7/8"). Does this get extruded into shape?
T. Frid’s Serving Cart Fixed (1).skp (204.9 KB)

I would draw an arc using the Arc tool (center point and radius) while editing one of the component. The I would use Push/Pull to get rid of the waste. I didn’t fix your model but you really need all three tiers lined up properly.

Here I’ve fixed it before cutting the arc.

And of course the same procedure for the inside radius.

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Thanks again Dave R. Yeah, lining up has been a bear. I tried making the brick layers many different ways that didn’t come even close to working. I finally made one brick, then move copying, rotating with the move tool. and incrementally moving and rotating them into place.

How about modeling the first one and using Rotate/Copy to make the rest around the circle? Then select the ring of components and copy them to make the next two tiers. Finally, select the middle tier of components and rotate them 22.5°.

I’m trying to find the article for Mr. Frid’s cart.

I met him some years ago when he came to present to my woodworking class at the University of Wisconsin. Very talented and humorous.

I tried but somehow the third wheel came out as one octagon without the brick pieces.

I working out of T. Frid’s book three. That’s where the plan is. I don’t know if he ever made an article on the cart, but it’s in the Taunton book.

Apparently not. I found a different tea cart but it’s made of a bent hoop.

What are the dimensions on the wheel for the cart you are modeling?

Sounds to me as if you were doing the same thing as before and copying the loose geometry.

After a while I guess I need to take a break. Otherwise, I start to gloss over and make mistakes. By the way, the DT Organizer is finished and posted in the FWW gallery. Later I’m going to learn how to texture and add that to my models. I know, I have tons of other stuff to learn first. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Good work.

Here’s a process a process for modeling that wheel. I would work around the origin as shown here or use guide lines to create a center. Then use the Polygon tool to outline an octagon from which the shape of the felloe blank can be determined. Extrude the fellow to blank to thickness and make it a component. Then use Rotate/Copy to make a complete ring for the outer felloes. Move/Copy to make the inner and other outer felloes and rotate the inner ones 22.5°. You could draw the arcs for the inner and outer radii at any point in thre process.

You could even start with an arc or the Pie tool through 45° and make the cut out shape of the fellow. In a way I like the method shown here because it gives me an opportunity to think through the process in the shop.

I figured out a way that works for me (I think.). I made the fellow a little wider than in Frid’s plan in order to fit in the dimensions of the rim circle. It also helped me align as I copied and moved fellows. You can see how I did it in the skp file.
T. Frid’s Serving Cart Fixed (2).skp (201.6 KB)

That appears to work.