Wheel inserts - how to

I’m interested in trying to draw wheel inserts for slotcars like the one on the picture - is there an “easy” way to draw circular objects with pattern like that?

I have tried to divide a circle, but I do not get a good result.

Hi @Lindbaum

A recent SketchUp Skillbuilder video was about making snowflakes using symmetrical mirrored components but the technique could be used for wheel rims or any kind of pattern object.

Have a look and see if you can get inspired :smile:

You start with the outer rim and then you go with the spokes.
If you have the center of the rim, the spokes are usually easy to make.
The only thing that you have to make sure is to have the degrees of each spoke set.
If it is a 5 spokes wheel, each spoke takes 72degrees. In my case there were 8 spokes, that means 45degrees each, that means 22,5 degrees half of it.
So, from the center you marked draw a perpendicular line on red or green direction then take the protractor and measure 20degrees , it will create a guideline. After you create the half, copy paste it, then scale it -1 to mirror it(or right click flip it along red or green axis). Now you have one spoke. If you want you can make this a component and then select the spoke, take the rotate tool,click on the marked center, hit CTRL and rotate 40 degrees, then write in the vcb x7 and you should have it.
I used Artisan to smooth the spoke the way I wanted.
The spokes doesn’t really need to intersect physically with the outer rim, except if you are 3D printing it or you don’t use a tire to show off the render.