Adding slots to a circle


Hi guys, 1st post and new user.

Im trying to design a adapter for a air machine. I have designed a Tube and now to add slots in it for the air to enter the centre of the tube. All slots/ slits will be the same thickness and the same angle, equally spaced around 360 degrees of the Tube. This will be into the end of the tube.

Anyone any idea how best to do it?


Yes, after I understood your goal… Do you have an image or a first try?


Very quick sketch, but hopefully you get the idea. It goes inside a chamber that is pressurised and then means the air forces through the slots driving a fan which will be in the tube


Hi Danny,
Here’s a video shortlist of the tools you’ll need to master to create what you want.
And here’s a link to all of them: SketchUp Video Tutorials


Brilliant, many thanks


Here’s one possibility…


That looks pretty much exactlly what im after, ill have a bash, thanks