Scenes for T. Frid's Serving Cart

I practiced, redoing the wheels, spokes, hub, and hardware array. I set the model sizing to 1/32". Then I made an exploded view. Instead of making a huge number of scenes that clutter up the screen, I was thinking about laying out the parts with key comments and measurements, printing them to PDF files and then erasing them. Here’s what it looks like.
T. Frid’s Serving Cart (4).skp (459.1 KB)

The wheel looks better although the spokes still aren’t quite right. Looks like you aren’t using Rotate/Copy to arrange them.

There’s an issue with a side rail on the bottom shelf. I don’t think it should be running through the shelf like that.

That’s your Display Precision. That means that when you add dimensions to your model they will be shown to the nearest 1/32 in. That’s probably close enouugh in this case.

The only thing I see an exploded view of is the axle hardware but there isn’t a scene to show that.

That can work but maybe don’t erase the copies of the component so you have them for later if you find the need to edit the model.

Here’s an example of a model I did for plans. There’s the assembled copy at the origin, a copy to the right and back for the exploded view and copies of the components above for the 2D dimensioned views. That allows me to get all the parts into a single scene and since I use LayOut to create the plan, I can pick and choose which components I want to show in each viewport using only that one scene. That part would be a little different in SketchUp for Web because things will get pretty cluttered when you add all the dimensions.


Thanks for the example. I will practice arraying scenes like that. I did use rotate/copy but obviously need more practice placing after copy rotating. I don’t quite get how to do that quickly. The mortises in the hub were tough. I had to make a hexagonal hub and miter corners (like T. Frid did in his shop

I don’t know how the file showed the side rail on the bottom shelf out of place. It isn’t that way in my model. I noticed something like that once before too.

If your first spoke is in the right position in the wheel and you rotate/copy it about the center of the hub, there should be no need to do any further placement after that. Example:

This is a lot easier with SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Go if the components are solids because the Solid Tools make quick work of it. Best in SketchUp Pro because you can use a tool like Eneroth Solid Tools to do it.

We must be looking at different SketchUp files.

That’s cool. I didn’t put the rotate tool on the red axes like you did. That’s why it took me so long to place the spokes and my placement was not accurate. I’ll practice that again. My progress is incremental but still progress :grinning:

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In my example the wheel component’s red axis passes through the center of the wheel. The center of the wheel is the key, not the red axis.

Okay, I may have sent you the wrong skp file. Here’s where I’m at now.
T. Frid’s Serving Cart Fixed (3).skp (542.4 KB)

Yep. Definitely different.