Bounding boxes do not follow transformations


In a graph, I create a rectangle on the XY plane,
I project the UVs along the Z axis
I group this rectangle,
I create 3 new copies with a translation and a rotation.

The UVs are correct and follow the transformation.

In Sketchup after importing the live component
Ditto the uvs are correct.

I detach the definition and inspect the bounding boxes of the copied groups by selection,
The bounding boxes are wrong and give the impression that the groups were created after the transformations and not before as in the graph

When I report on the copied groups, they don’t have the same dimensions.
A report as is impossible.

It is imperative to correct this otherwise the live components will not find their public.

We need to be able to quantify our projects in order to be able to sell them! Otherwise it’s just drawing not design.

Thank you for reassuring me about the correction of this huge bug.
Today there is no node to create a subcomponent with its axis system and origin. This is a big shortcoming! Because it prohibits reports on positioning.

graph link :

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Hi Sim,

The good news is preserving local space (and their respective transforms) is definitely something we want to support.

The bad news is that this is fairly far away. A long story short, it will require massive changes across the board.

I wonder if we can perhaps solve the reporting issue, by writing values to each respective primitive in Creator, and allowing SketchUp to report on these attributes. This would be an easier short-term fix. It would still mean that you have to custom “write” to your attributes* in Creator, but at least you have a way to report on it.

Thanks Keith for your response.
Waiting for the attributes… I wrote a response advocating the imperative need to fix this and open the attributes quickly.
Thank you for your attention

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