Bounding Box after "exporting"

Hello there guys. I’m no native Sketchup user, so this question might result in some facepalms (hopefully not). I alrdy tried to google my problem and also searched in this forum with no result. I’m using Lumion in the office and building my models with Rhino3D. There are some occasion, where I find really nice models of plants, furniture,…in the warehouse. Often theese models contain more than one object. To use them as single objects in Lumion, I would need to reduce the models to only the object I want. In the past this was no problem at all. I just openend the modell, delete everything I dont need, place the object in the sketchup center, save as…and import that Sketchupfile directly inside of Lumion (Lumion can read Sketchup format), So theres basically no need to export it. In the past everything worked really good. But now I went into this weird problem, where Lumion imports the Sektchup file, but with an huuuuge bounding Box around it. I alrdy checked, that there are no hidden or unvisible geometry, that might hang around somewere, what would result in a bigger box than the Object itself. The weird thing about it is, that the bounding Box is perfectly fine inside of Sketchup, but not anymore after the import. I did this workflow all the time in the past and there was never a Problem like this. Normally the bounding Box in Lumion was the same as in Skecthup. Do I overlook something here? Is there another option, like exporting a base bounding box which cant be changed or something like that? I attached Sceenshots from inside Lumion and Sketchup to visualize what I mean. I know this is a Forum bout Sketchup and not Lumion, but maybe someone got an Idea hopefully. Thanks in advance!

attach the model.

Hängepflanze_jardin+colgante_1.skp (4.9 MB)

Wow that was a fast answer :slight_smile: Thats basically from the Warehouse, So I dont own anything. Just saying

I can’t see a specific reason for it.
But I cleaned it up a bit, so see if this works better.

Hanging Plant.skp (4.7 MB)

Thank you so much for looking into this!!! Sadly It didnt worked out though. The model origin changed but the bounding box still is 10times bigger than the object in Lumion (they also dont know, what could solve this. I guess i have to live with this for now.

Explode the groups and regroup, the bounding box will be aligned to axes. Or use Eneroth Line Up Axes to every group.
And the flowers were scaled.

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I dunno what widget you have there, but I tried to select the oject, go to edit, selection (at the bottom) and went with explode into single objects. after that I did this again, because it seems there are groups within groups. I ended up with around 85.000single objects (which seems crazy to me). After that I went with rouping again. it didnt change anything. But I have to say, that it doesnt look like in your video though.
edit: didnt see you updated your answer. Let me see

That would do it, Scale Definition.

I used the Anchor Point plugin just to make the bounding boxes more easily visible, you don’t need to use it.

Probably Lumion takes into account the original scale and position of each group and that’s why that very large bounding box will appear.

So I guess the major problem here is, that the flowers were scaled. Because that seems to be the same size as the bounding box I get. So Sketchup keeps the original scale in place?

So how do I set the smaller scale as the “real” scale? sorry for beeing a newb and thank you so much for your time and efforts

If the objects (flower, leaves) were components and not groups, you would have a ‘Scale definition’ command.

I searched now and found this plugin for groups, it remains to be tested.

And I see that in 2018 someone else is looking for a plugin that works for all groups at once.

awesome. I’ll give this a try thank you.

You’re welcome!

I found this S4U Scale Definition v1.2.3 extension for components and groups.

// edit
I tested it and you can select several groups at once.

So I installed the Plugin and it seems to work with the scale definition. Importing in Lumion results in the same huge box though. I might Overlooked something? But i think it looks like you mentioned right?

Hängepflanze_jardin+colgante_1_2.skp (4.9 MB)

You must use the extension on all groups to set ‘Scale definition’.
This appears to me in the model you shared (_1_2.skp).

Okay this is weird. I think the plugin doesnt work properly. When I select all the groups and press the definition button from the plugin its going greyed out. But when I explode the groups again, they have the “reset scale” still availabe.

So i tested it out. If I select a group and hit the button its fine, but only for a couple moments, After selecting another group and then select the defined group, its still resettable to the old scale. So I guess theres a flaw with the plugin?