Bounding Box after "exporting"


Here’s what the model (DAE) imported into Blender looks like.


Try this, I converted the leaves into a single component and set the axis in close.
The file is larger but…
Hängepflanze_jardin+colgante_Swap.skp (8.8 MB)

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Ah okay. I see that you foud the original model in the warehouse. Maybe I try the older Plugin from 2014 and see if its working.

Okay that works a lot better. Its still not perfect, but way smaller than before. Kind of annoying that its such a hassle to do :confused:

What does this model look like in Lumion?
ghiveci-03.skp (10.7 MB)

in Blender

It uses more disc space, but the simplest thing to do might be to open the component and explode everything inside it, possibly down to raw geometry. Components save disc space, but SketchUp or any application will have to generate and process all the geometry anyway so it has no effect on performance. Components with heavy nesting even run slightly faster when exploded.