Hidden objects which appear in lumion

Hello everyone!
Well, I have this architectural project and I have to do renders in Lumion. So here is my problem - when I move my Sketchup file in Lumion, there appears these extra walls which doesn’t seem in Sketchup. I downloaded object from 3D Warehouse and when I deleted this object I think there stayed some pieces of it. And now I’m stuck and can’t do anything. I’ve seen too many videos about HIDE-UNHIDE objects, but it doesn’t help. So maybe in this forum anyone can help me to figure it out.

What OS are you using? Please correct your profile.

I did :grin:

OK. So, in SketchUp, View>Hidden Geometry as well as View>Hidden Objects. Delete any excess geometry then try again.

I tried your advice but it didn’t work. These extra walls remained after I deleted some downloaded object from 3D warehouse. So I’m sending you photoes where appears how my composition is in sketchup and after in lumion.
Well, if you get it what I have to do, please respond me. Thanks in advance.

(a pm I recieved off the OP)

Are there extra new walls or are they just walls that appear somewhere other than the one in SketchUp?

They aren’t new walls, it remains after I deleted downloaded object. I can upload photoes

Have you tried to see what happens if you select everything you see in the SKP file, copy it (ctrl + C), then paste it into a new SKP file, and then import it into Lumion?

copy and paste into a SKETCHUP new file?

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