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The bounding box for an object in my model is larger than the solid. I’m guessing it’s a simple fix, but as far as I can see there’s no additional geometry outside the solid. Any suggerstions?

Toolbox.skp (247.9 KB)

Probably some hidden geometry included inside the bounding box. View>Hidden Geometry should expose it.

Edit: actually it’s a guideline that you included in the group. Delete guides and get rid of it.

Delete guides once they’ve served their purpose. Don’t just turn off the guideline visibility. Also, it is good practice to keep your model closer to the origin.

I’ve been looking at your model further. You’ve got an interesting approach to creating the joinery. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone approach it like that before. Why box joints on the back and half blind dovetails on the front?

Thanks, Dave! Haven’t gotten the hang of things yet, so not fully comfortable with guidelines. They caused me some trouble in another object before this, too.

Partially just for the sake of practicing the joinery, I’ve never cut a half-blind dovetail before. Otherwise it’s just to keep the front face looking especially clean & presentable. I’ll have similar priorities (though probably different solutions) with the top when I get to it.

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May I suggest that you might want to put the rabbets on the bottom of the bottom panel and add grooves in the sides so the bottom won’t fall out?

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That would make sense, yeah, but I don’t know that I want to cut the narrow stopped grooves by hand. Instead, I’ve arranged it so that there are places to nail it into the sides with some brads. There will be a drawer in the lower portion, and a integral bottom above that for the main compartment.

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