SketchUp Skill Builder: Group Axis and Bounding Box

When you create groups and components in SketchUp, the default bounding box isn’t always ideal for the geometry inside your group, this is how you change it.

SketchUp Skill Builder: Group Axis and Bounding Box

Skill level: Beginner
Skill developed: Changing group and component axis

This week let’s thank @tt_su, a SketchUp Employee and Developer, for this SketchUp Skill Builder idea that was done by another SketchUpper @TysonK.

Please try this Skill Builder and post here and exchange ideas, alternative methods for any given exercise or ask questions.

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This is one I had to really search for in the “way back time machine”. The 2007 3D Base camp tricks and tips. At the 16:30 mark, presenter Sue Sorger includes some tips for axes changes when you IMPORT components. What she explains will help you understand and re-enforce what Tyson is explaining to you. I found 3 or 4 explanations of the same material by different individuals is a major help in learning. As in school one teacher may influence more students then another using the same course outline an books.

The other 4 topics are important and helpful as well. I would bookmark it so it can be used again because Tyson will most likely be getting around to these also, and the more pertinent info you can utilize. Only helps you to build in your own self…Peace…