Booth builder needs object list

Hey Guys,
It’s me again. My current mission for my project is, to build my objects or a booth builder should produce my objects. The Problem is, that I need every part of my object described so exact, that a booth builder is able to produce it. So I need every angle and length. Is there a possibility to split the objects and make an object list out of them?
Thanks in advance!

If you’ve drawn the model using components, you can add information to the component description field that can then be shown in a report using Generate Report and you could create labels in LayOut using Auto Text to fill in the component description.

Probably the best thing would be to create a plan document that shows views of what the completed booth should look like as well as the individual parts. Include detail views and dimensions on the plan. All this can be done in LayOut.

The problem is, that my layout function isn’t working any more because my test version for it ran out. Are there other tricks I could use?

You could try the trick where you buy the software.

Flipping me the bird is neither here nor there.