Boolean operations in SketchUp 2017

glass02.skp (762.4 KB)

I’m trying to subtract a series of objects (the white objects in the attached file) from one central object (the blue object). If I attempt to subtract them one at a time using ‘Solid Tools’, it starts off fine, but by the third subtract, it no longer recognises the central object as a solid. If I instead union the peripheral white objects and subtract that from the central object, the result is incorrect.

Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?

Actually, one solution that works is to UNION all the white objects, extrude the base down a tiny bit, and nudge the whole shape up a tiny bit - suggesting it’s some kind edge inconsistency error. Not the ideal solution, but I guess it works well enough

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I don’t have any issues with your model as is. Perhaps the loose geometry is getting in the way.
Solid glass

Yep - this seems to work!