Block 3D Warehouse

Last year I had the 3D warehouse blocked, but it is not working this year. Last year we blocked the URL “” and the IP address “” but that is not working this year. Did something change? Do we need to use a different URL or IP address? Thank you.

The IP can change. Are you in an educational setting and don’t want downloads, or what’s the issue?

Yes, I teach middle school students, and part of my class includes teaching them how to draw 3D images using sketchup. As soon as they discover the 3D warehouse, it is a constant struggle to keep them on task. All they want to do is down load stuff instead of creating their own images. If you could give me the new IP, I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll PM you off-line with a solution.

Hi Barry. Regarding blocking the 3d Warehouse, as another middle school teacher, I need to enable it when appropriate and block it when it’s a problem. You mentioned to rfillmore you could send a solution. I am very interested in that as well.