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Hi. Thank-you for that. I should have said in Colour. Rhino does beautiful Grey Scale renders but I haven’t see colour ones in the same way as in SketchUp. My point being that the application of materials in SU quickly shows what each surface is. Applying a Benjamin Moore Colour to a wall instantly gives you a feeling about the room without ‘Rendering’ So I use the term ‘Instant Basic Rendering’ that is all that I meant.


Well, of course you can use colors to, I will try to find an example that shows that.

What I like from SketchUp is the shadow quality, very crisp and sharp. In Rhino, shadows are softer and you have to use workarounds to get that kind of shadow.

I would say that if your are looking for alternatives to SketchUp, go and try Rhino. It is a very robust software, its 3D modeling is fantastic and the 2D is as good as AutoCad. You can do any kind of construction documentation in it. And the next version V7, which you can already use in beta if you own V6, will have SubD and Cycles Renderer integrated among others things.

Blender is a very good software but it can not be the main app for an architect. Architects need to deal with dwg files and produce documentation in vector format, and you can not do that in a productive way in blender.


Definitely Rhino-curious and was just perusing the Rhino 7 WIP Features page in the forum there. The SubD capabilities, and especially Quad ReMesh, look really powerful and well implemented:

It’s cool to see that the company not only advises it’s users of upcoming capabilities, (by way of a next release WIP for licensed users) but utilizes their feedback in tweaking feature implementation during later dev iterations.

Question: Do you know if there are Rhino workflows that utilize GrassHopper to automate the generation of Construction Drawings?

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I’m not exactly sure what do you mean by automate the generation of construction drawings using grasshopper. Are you referring to being able to have a live connection between your 3D model and the generated 2d drawings using grasshopper, so if you change something from the model the plans automatically update? If that’s the question, yes, you can do that kind of things from grasshopper using a Make2D component.

There is also a plugin that adds BIM functionality to Rhino, and facilitates this process, it is called VisualArq


Has this been mentioned…


Lol - I made a video on that last week too (though this one is much more detailed) ! :slight_smile: It definitely brings a bit more familiarity to people used to using CAD style movement functions. The responses were interesting - half of them were along the lines of “Blender already does this,” while the other half were more of an “OMG This is amazing” response.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle - some of these functions are in Blender if you know where to look, but not all of them. I personally like the add-on because it puts most of the snapping functions that other users of 3D modeling programs are used to in the same place so they’re easy to find.

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Thanks — yes that was my question.

Just checked out the VisualArq site, looks powerful and complete — though not cheap.

Be interesting to see SketchUp try to do this with components:

Here you go:


You are right except that people may script blender, and blender is improved each 3 month, notably on user interface, to be more easy (I am discovering Blender step by step since forced subscription announcement by Trimble).
Blender is more powerful, but have a UI not nice as SketchUp.

But SketchUp UI is questionable if you see algorithmic modeling. With algorithmic modeling you work on process to “draw”, you don’t “draw” a lot. So you discover two options : work an hour with a nice UI on SketchUp or work 5 seconds to get the same result with algorithmic modeling…

It would be a great news if Blender get a graphic algorithmic scripting tool as Grasshopper !

About scripting, you code in Python in Blender, as in many 3D applications. Unfortunately you code in Ruby in SketchUp, that is not an important language as Python.

Hey guys, this is the Blender thread. It was originally created by others to have a single place where people could find more information and discuss Blender.

It would be great if you want to discuss Rhino, or other software you consider creating a new thread on that topic. It will also help others find information about Rhino (a great program!) easily.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Sorry… I could not resist pointing out the irony of your asking others not to mention Rhino in your Blender thread… on the SketchUp forum.


Apologies Chipp.

I’ve been looking at both Blender and Rhino both as complements to and future-proofing options for SU (for different aspects of my workflow).

I guess I took this thread as a place for people exploring alternatives to SU, as opposed to a strictly Blender thread. My bad!


yes, maybe "forced "alternatives to SU, since forced subscription : )

Blender is not free. Sure, you can download and use it for free but it costs money to create. Engineers, product managers, testers etc all get paid to work on it.

People can elect to be a contributing member to, buy their own account their most popular monthly recurring free is $30 for Blender. That’s $360 per year, a bit more than SketchUp Pro.

Now before you all come after me with stakes, I get that this is a different pricing model than SketchUp, the major difference being that you don’t HAVE to pay for access to Blender.

I’m bringing this up because software costs money to make, and it has a value to users. Clearly enough value that their foundation alone is taking in over $100k per month from donations.


Nobody here is asking to get SketchUp for free, no one. We are against rental software as the only option, that’s all.



Except that, as a paid user since 2002/2003, I consider the discontinuation of SketchUp Make a bad idea.
A limited free version was very interesting, for extension developers and for people to start a business and go to pro.

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Perhaps not directly, but saying “This one is free” and “this one is paid” isn’t totally a true statement. I’d also refer you to all of the posts where people bemoaned the removal of SketchUp Free/Make/2017.

This one is actually worth digging into as well. A lot of people think that most of the plugins are used by people on the free version, I actually don’t think that’s true. I remember @thomthom once posted some data on his plugins use, and what versions (free/pro) they were used on. If I recall correctly the majority of his plugins were used by Pro users.

I see that trend with my paid plugins.


Yeah, I think *** that’s the point***