Blank screen on opening existing file

Hi All - I have been working on a SU file which started to slow down and then finally screen froze and views wouldn’t change when Scenes clicked. Now it opens and just shows the axes - Scenes are still listed at the top but there is no content. Doesn’t let me move around with the toolset though the buttons let me select them and I can click all of the top menus. Have tried on a different PC and still the same issue. Any ideas?

Is the file either very large (hundreds of MB say) or corrupt?

If the former, a LONG… wait might get you something visible. I’ve worked with a model of around 400MB that could take 20min to open and display anything, then another few minutes before any tools would work.

Hi John - it’s 53mb and I can still open others of a similar size or larger. When the file ‘opens’ I don’t get the activity wheel as if it’s loading it just opens blank - I can see ther axes but can’t move around. All the buttons and drop down menus are selectable. Hopeing it’s not the latter! Thanks

That doesn’t sound big enough to be the cause of the problem, then.

Sorry, I’ve no more real ideas. Perhaps try copying the file - that sometimes, I have read. might clear up some of the corruption - and try opening the copy?

Is it just the same with the most recent backup file?

Or if you can get ANY of the menus to work, perhaps Save A Copy As…?

You could try uploading the file to the 3D Warehouse, or a file sharing service like Dropbox or OneDrive. provide a link here, and maybe one of the forum members, or a SU team member, might be able to diagnose what’s wrong with it/

In SU, try Camera > Zoom Extents?

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