Bitterly, bitterly disappointed by this anaemic version of the old Make


Interesting. Thanks for the pinter. I already have VMWare installed for the occasional foray into Windows for apps that don’t exist for OS X. I can also use that for two different versions of OS X as long as there isn’t too much speed loss. Windows runs pretty well so I guess another OS X would too.

Ho hum …


You could always check out form•Z free. Perhaps it is suited to your needs?


Looks interesting, especially as it will import existing Sketchup work (reasonably well) … and I will definitely try it out for a while … but I am not sure I want to have to learn a new app at this point. Thanks for the tip.


I agree. I tried Sketchup free today and it is… Useless! An affront to what Sketchup should be.
I tried to import some of my own models into it, and as I wanted to test it’s horsepower I went for a 165Mb model…and it crashed. Then I went for a 45Mb model…and it crashed. Then I went for a 31Mb model. It got imported and then it crashed and I gave up. I am guessing wildly here, but I think Trimble have seen that Sketchup has something like 40-50 mill users world wide, but only 1-2 mill of them are actual paying customers. So then they’ve decided to make an abysmally sh#t free version with next to no functionality from now on, in order to force those free users who really need it into paying, and then squeeze out the rest so they end up with a fraction of their earlier market share, but an increase in only paying customers. Nice. I never thought I’d say this, but I really, really hope Sketchup free is a catastrophic failure and that EVERYONE sticks to Make17. Sketchup Free is a giant slap in the face and it has in no way been designed to be anything other than a fatal degredation. I am seriously considering migrating to Fusion 360.


Have you tried running the Windows version of SketchUp with it, by any chance? I have Parallels, which definitely doesn’t run SU, and wondered about switching to Fusion. I’ve had students in my class run the Windows version of SU on the school’s iMacs with Bootcamp, so, even thought it’s not officially supported, I’ve seen it done.


Never tried.


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I wish I could give your post a dozen “thumbs up”, because it perfectly summarizes the situation.


• SketchUp Product Downloads : SketchUp Make 2017 (Desktop)


Its warm tone, we feel like user feedback is valued but its like paint over moisture. It is indeed a beautifull paint but sketchup is wet and rots. But I admire the way Sketchup hides this. It’s not easy to cover up the transition from “look at this free tool we design for you” to “you are addicted and can’t stop using our product but we want more money”.