Birdcage cabinet handles

I’m llooking for a birdcage cabinet pull model like the one in my attachment.

Did you look in the 3D Warehouse? Or are you looking for help drawing it or do you want to hire someone to make it for you? How close to the one in the photo does it need to be?

You can draw it yourself, you know.

Thanks for the quick reply to my question.I cant find it in the warehouse and would need some help on how to draw it. I’m not very good at sketch-up but good at following directions.

It’s not terribly difficult to do but you need a good handle on using the tools. I’ll try to get a tutorial done soon.

What are the dimensions of the pull you’re after? Or is it that important?

I have a fairly good knowledge of using the tools(wen in doubt I check the knowledge base. The dimensions are for a standard kitchen Cabinet which in the case of this particular hardware its
7/8W 2”L 1-3/8H according to the manu. Specs.

Maybe these can bridge the waiting time…

Thanks very much will give it a wirl, looking forward to the video . Please notify me when its ready.


Hi Dave I once again want to thank you for your exceptional video tutorial. I was able to create exactly what I needed under your tutorship . I attachedbird cage handle revised.skp (327.9 KB)
a sample of my model for you to review and tell me if I may have over looked something.
Once again thanks.m Please inform me of other videos you may have done or will be doing.

Excellent work, Wayne. I’m glad that video helped you.

The only thing I would add is to make the entire pull a component and set the component’s origin to make the pull easy to place in your models. I’m not sure why you made the circle groups at the ends of the handle but those aren’t needed so you can delete them. It appears you hid the end of the handle under that circle group, too. You could unhide the end or not. Either way, it won’t show when the pull is in use on a cabinet door.

If you want to see other videos I’ve done, you can poke through here or have a look at this which goes with this.

I did a blacksmith basket tutorial back in '06.