Bing images greyed out in Geo Locate feature

I have pro, but when I try to use the nicer bing images it says I need to upgrade to Pro… any ideas on why the bing images re greyed out, when I already have the pro version of sketchup? (2023)

What’s the location?

how long ago did you subscribed ? less than 30 days ago ? (could it be that the server technically still sees you in your trial is what I wonder)

As far as I can tell, any and all locations have the same issue

We have a corporate account, I have been using sketchup under our license for at least a year now. I was having this same issue with 2022 pro, so I had our IT team update me to 2023 pro. Still have the same problem

9 out of 10 times that someone posts an issue like this it turns out they are logged in with the wrong account. Can you try logging out of SketchUp and logging in with the email your work subscription is connected to?

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