Unable to use studio tools

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Hello All,

I have a studio License but I cant download higher quality maps in Bing from the terrain tool.

Says I need a pro or studio license which I have already.

Are you sure you’re logged with the same account that your Trimble studio license ?


Thankyou for your response and I have figured out the problem. I have recently changed my card details but now trimble has cancelled my subsrciptions and wanting me to purchase all new year licenceses when i have only just purchased thiem i.e. a studio license. This seams very unfair. Can you advise?

That’s not possible, if the payment was done, you must be able to use the software for an entire year, it doesn’t matter if you changed your credit card after the payment. Probably there’s a payment issue, have you checked if the payment was done and charged to your credit card?

hello SketchUp,

I have payed and the payment has gone out my account but I still have no subscriptions

I have now lost out on delivering my job worth a lot of money and I am considering pursuing legal action

You should if you haven’t had any response from sketchup and you were actually charged the 750 dollars for sketchup studio. Just remember this is a users forum, there’s not much we can do about it, there are members that also work for Trimble here, but been here isn’t part of their job, @colin is one of the most active sketchup team members in the forum, he doesn’t work on customer support but he could probably do something for you.

You need to take this up directly with Trimble. With a small number of exceptions, the people on this forum are not Trimble employees and can’t help with your problems.

Hello SketchUp,

That’s all well and good but I have tried phoning them up and got hung up on and I have sent various emails with no reply.

This is currently my only option to pursue.

Perhaps @colin can assist to connect you with SketchUp support people.

I understand your frustration. Trimble certainly has not handled this well. But please understand that beyond what @TDahl did to ping a Trimble employee, there is really nothing any of us on this forum can do. Colin (who is a Trimble employee) is usually pretty good about either solving an issue himself or passing it along to someone who can.

Hello Steve,

My apologise I was just very frustrated.

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I see an entry in your account for today, and it may be that the problem is being worked on. I have sent a link to your post to the Support managers. They can check into what is going on.