Keep sketchup from accessing to sign in

I’m working with a client that that is using Sketchup Pro 2022. They basically only use the internet for email and windows updates. The problem is, Every 30 days Sketchup Pro requires them to sign in. They get a message to check your internet connection. I discovered that sketchup is reaching to see if it has internet connection. Since bing is blocked, sketchup thinks there is no internet connection and they can’t sign in. And I can’t just allow bing since that would also allow the bing search engine which the company does not want. Is there a way to change the domain that sketchup uses to see if it has an internet connection? Allowing the for sign in is fine. I tried setting up dns entry in the router to set bingdotcom to another public ip to see if that would work but it didn’t. What are my options? I know this is an unusual request but I know of several companies that would be happy for it.