Bezier Curves in SketchUp 2020

New to the forum. Just updated to 2020 Pro from 2018 Pro. My bezier extensions no longer work. Any advice?

Did you reinstall the extensions ? (They are not automatically migrated.)

And please be a bit more specific about exactly what extension you are having issues with.

Are there any error message in the Ruby console?

Can I assume you mean Fredo6’s bezier curves extension? If so and you didn’t already do so, go to SketchUcation’s plugin store and get the most recent versions of both LibFredo6 and his Bezier extension. Install both and then restart SketchUp. It’s working fine on my Mac.


It was the extension by Sketchup T. I’ve tried to reinstall but I get a message that the extension is not compatible for my version off SU.

Did the message look like this?
Screenshot - 2_18_2020 , 12_14_48 PM

That says it is not marked as being compatible. It doesn’t say it isn’t compatible. They need to add 2020 to the compatibility list but the extension does work in SU2020.

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Got it. Awesome. Thank you very much.

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