Need lofting extension for 2020

Hi! I am in need of a lofting extension that works with SketchUp Pro 2020. A quick search in the warehouse shows there arent any that will work with 2020… yet. So figured I would check here.

Alternatively, what are people’s favorite Sub D extensions? I’m trying to model a sofa. It’s more of a sculpted foam sofa (like something you might find with B&B Italia or Moroso) I don’t need to model a lot of billowy pillow shapes, It’s mostly clean lines and tailored forms, which is why I prefer lofting from curves vs Sub D. I can have a little more control with lofting.

Preferably a stand alone extension and not one that requires an expensive subscription with a third party dev.


Curviloft and TIG’s Extrude tools are first on my list for lofting. Both are available at Sketchucation.

Never heard of Sketchucation! Thanks for the tip. Looks good.

Ah. Darn. I was trying to avoid having to pay a subscription for something. I’d much rather just go to the extension developer directly and pay them and have it be a one and done transaction.

Also, This LibFredo6 thing I’m supposed to get does not say it’s compatible with 2020. Ugh :confounded:

I’d just click on the blue “Sign Up Here” button at the top of the page.

LibFredo6 is compatible with SU2020. Fredo6 updates it fairly frequently. The last update was yesterday.

You can feel free to click on the Dontate button and send Fredo6 some money if you want. I expect he’d appreciate it.

Ah! Oops. Didn’t see the sign up for free button. Those bigger buttons were so distracting. :sweat_smile:
Hmm. I didn’t see that update on the page I was looking at. But I’ll go check it out now. Thanks again!

I would suggest that you install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and then use it to install Fredo6’s extensions. If you do that, it’ll help you keep them up to date. It’ll also automatically download the extension and install it. No need to download it to your computer and then install it manually.

Nice. Will do

This is great. Way better than other lofting tools I’ve used before. Thanks again!