Bezier curve help, please

Hello all,

My name is Nathan, and I have two questions to ask.

1). With the Bezier curve I am experiencing an issue. Whenever I finish an action with it, and attempt to click-commit for completion, the curve always jumps a bit away from where it was drawn. I have tried everything that I could, to find out how to prevent this, but all has been to no avail. By the way, I am using Sketchup Make 2017.

2). When printing, I absolutely cannot get the print to reference exactly what I have on the screen. Right now, I have a product design which the longest width & length dimensions measure 3"x 4", respectively. I wanted to print the design out, and ‘double-side’ tape to rectangular blocks of wood, for the purpose of cutting both on my bandsaw, at the same time. I had hoped to print out an accurately sized project template to tape to one face side. However, the template never did print out right. How does one insure against this? What can I do to get properly sized printouts?

Advanced thanks for any, and all help on these two matters.

Please, one question per post (so each can be solved separately and put in their proper category.)

Re, “full size printing”. This has been answered many times on the forum.
Please learn how to search the forums (Note the :mag: icon - upper right?):

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Thank you.

Yes, I understand what you’ve said, regarding the implementing of a forum search, before raising questions. And it is something that i have, as a rule, always done. I guess that I just let it slip past me, THIS time :).

At any rate, I visited the link you provided, and believe that you’ve directed me to exactly what is needed. Again, I thank you.

And, by the way - no more posts with double questions :).

God Bless,

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Okay, is this in reference to:


Hello again, Dan.

I apologize for not having been as inclusive as I should have been, with the information, but the tool that I was referencing is the SketchUp Team’s ‘Bezier Curve Tool’.

I really need to have such a tool, but need one which would feature a more accurate manner of the committment action. Right now, whenever I click to set my curve, I find that I have to click a second time - which always results in my line jumping away from where I had it set. Of course, it could be that there is something that “I” am doing wrong, and I am attempting to explore that possibility right now.

I will also look into the Fredo Bezeir Spline tool extension, to see if the same issue occurs.

I thank you for stepping in to help see me through this.

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The Bezier curve has two flavors basically. One that does not have the control points on the curve and others that do. My guess is your using the former. Try using the control points to move cure back the way you want it or use the other types. Reading the manual would help also. They also have options on how curve is closed so make sure you have set up the way you want it.

It sounds to me as if you are missing a very important point about the operation of the Bezier Curve Tool. When you start the tool, the “Degree” defaults to 3. This is displayed in the Measurements window and it indicates the number of spaces between control points. It also means there will be two control points between the ends. The tool stops drawing when you’ve set the final control point. If you only want one control point between the ends, set the Degree to 2. You can also set it to create more control points if you wish.

Fredo’s Classic Bezier Curve offers two options. You can set the number of points or you can double click as you place the last one. I prefer the latter method. I also like the fact that the shape of the curve can be edited easily and with Fredo’s you can add control points to further refine the curve if you need to. And you can easily change the number of segments if you need a smoother or coarser curve.

The control points for Bezier curves do not fall on the curve itself. There are other curve-drawing tools in Fredo’s BZ_Spline extension that have their control points on the curve. You can choose which is suitable for your needs.

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You should read instructions because different nomenclature is used: Some plugins are listed as spline but in true sense they are not ; Some use control points other degree = control pint -1; Some have control points on the curve others do not , Some requires entering control points in sequence, except the classic Bezier requires the first and last then middle points. _Check this tutorial by Scott Onstott at link no longer exist try this [Plugin] BezierSpline - v2.2a - 22 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1
Fredo also post some pdf tuts along with his plugin BezierSpline. The classic Bezier is very useful since the degree 2 draws a true tangent between two lines unlike many plugins in SU