Difficult working with bezier curves... "inference" nightmare

I installed the official bezier curve extension… and have been having some extreme difficult making it behave. It makes two-dimension curves beautifully, excellently, in fact.

The problem is that as soon as i try to make the curve three-dimensional… SU “infers” that i must want the point i am working with either snapped (excuse me, “inferred”) onto the planar surface of the axis behind it, or onto the reference image (a technical drawing) I am working off of.

This has just become sufficiently problematic that it has brought me to a dead halt with my current project, and has me positively seething with frustration. i wish i had spent money on this tool so i could demand it back, but, alas, all i can do is come here and gripe.

How do i make it stop this behavior? I wish only to move points in a two-dimensional plane without them jumping onto whatever happens to lie behind them.

Generally when I want a 3D Bezier curve, I start with a box or other 3D shape to use as a guide for placing control points. I also use Fredo’s Bezier curve tool because the curve can be easily edited after placing it and additional control points can be added if needed.

If I’m going to go through that much trouble, I’m better off dragging out my old student copy of Maya 8.

Seriously, though, why can i not use the arrow keys to constrain bezier handle movement to an axis like i can with literally everything else?

If that’s too much trouble for you, maybe you should.

The plugin you are using just isn’t set up for that. Maybe ask the author.

The author appears to be the sketchup team… short of buying a pro license, i can’t think of any better way to contact the sketchup team than the sketchup official forums…

I just tried the SketchUp team extension. It’s good fun.

For making a curve that was not tied to any axis, and was changing in more than one axis at the same time, I made a couple of boxes that had corners where I wanted the curve to pass through. That made it very easy to get the curve in the right place.


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