Beveling face of model


Alright folks, I’ll admit here that I’m newish to the idea of SketchUp as well as modeling in general, so there may be things I miss or have to be walked through.

Basically, what I’m attempting to do is model the grip of a 1911 pistol in SketchUp so that I can later convert it through the CAM process for a CNC mill.

Here’s what I’ve developed from the dimensions and specifications I’ve seen:

The problem I’m having is the beveling of the face (in terms of axes, the Z-axis). As you can see in the image below, the face, not the edges, carries a bevel, so most of the ways I’ve seen to bevel or chamfer edges wouldn’t work or if they did, very shakily at best.

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Now, I’m still trying to figure out the best approximation of that face, but it isn’t relevant to the issue here. I know I could push/pull the face to generate the bevel, but that only seems to work well on right-angle things (solid squares) of material and even then, I have a lot of unwanted cylinder that I can’t seem to delete.

Does anyone have an idea of how to round the face that could be explained to a beginner?

Thanks in advance,
Eli Fedele


Try this:



Took me a few tries, but overall it worked like a charm!

One thing though - how do you then get the holes through the surface? I tried intersecting the surfaces, but some of the faces don’t appear to be coming through as distinct (attempting to delete the excess geometry of the pushed/pulled hole deletes part of the grip face as well)


Pretty much as in this other recent discussion: