Best way to texture individual room floors

In a model of a house, I have the main floor as one object, as a group. I want to add flooring to the bedroom different from the living room, but cannot differentiate the bedroom floor from the rest of the floor since it is one object.

what is the best way to do this? Should I draw a line or rectangle around the base of the bedroom so I can add the texture?

Yes you answered your own question. :wink:

The only way to do this is to separate the face into sections using the pen/line tool.

You can keep all the floors as a single group but good habits would be to select and group each individual floor, this may come in handy later on of if you want edit them and other things.

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Yes, you can subdivide the whole floor by drawing lines the break in into multiple surfaces and paint each floor surface a different texture. If you don’t want to see the line in between, you can hide just that line. @DaveR does that for individual boards of wood that make up a flat surface in furniture.

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