Floor is in a million pieces (used to be a solid plane)

I was working on a Mac and then sent my file to a PC and I think that is when the problem started. For some reason, my floor is in a million pieces and those pieces don’t have edges. When I go to put a texture on the floor I have to click each individual piece. I also tried to delete the whole floor but when I redrew a rectangle it automatically split it up. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this. Thanks!

It looks like the issue is bigger than just a fractured ground plane. It looks like there are no groups or components for the walls, etc. You should group things separately so they don’t ‘stick together’ and prevents those broken surfaces from appearing. It also speeds up editing, adding materials, managing scenes and tags, etc. Be sure to check out our Fundamentals series of lessons before getting too far or deep into things: https://learn.sketchup.com/track/sketchup-fundamentals-part-1

To your question, it may be easier to delete the floors you have now, group the walls, rugs, etc…anything that touches the floor, then re-draw the floor boundary using your walls as reference. Be sure to group your floor before or after drawing it as well :slight_smile:

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