Need help changing flooring for individual rooms

I have created my general layout, extruded the walls to 3D and have started adding in doors and windows. When I add doors to rooms, the flooring automatically connects together. I change to hardwood in one room and it now does it for all rooms that have doors. What have I done wrong or is there a work-around to where I can change each room individually?

Have struggled with that a lot as well. Sometimes adding extra lines to subdivide floor areas helps in order to establish the area with the different material. Can erase the extra lines after it’s fixed.

Might try dealing with the flooring material earlier in the process, maybe as the first task – then add walls, doors, windows, etc. – or even, apply the flooring material to a rectangle and then copy the 2-D plan lines onto it?

Something else to try. Pick the floor plane, right click and Intersect Faces with Model. That will add the missing connections and allow the rooms to be separately selected.

And if the doors are Components, make sure they are set to Glue to None.

I can think of two reasons why this might happen. First, the floors in your model are one large face. If so you need to divide the face at the transitions between rooms. Just draw a line on the floor at the transitions so the texture can be confined. Do not erase the dividing lines after painting. That will get you back to where you were. You can hide those lines, however. That will allow them to divide the face without being seen.

The other possibility is that your floors are grouped and you’re painting the group instead of the faces. If so, don’t do that. Edit the group and paint the faces instead.