Floor texture will not cover inside door swings

I am relatively new to SketchUp and am having difficulty with getting my hardwood flooring texture to cover rooms with door swings (swings drawn in floor plan 2D). The floor covers up to and around the swings but not inside. I am pretty sure there is an extra surface where the door swings were drawn, but if I delete the surface I will have to match the floor.

Help Holly! :wink:

Is it possible you just need to paint the floor material inside the arc of the door swing?

If you can share the SKP file, we can tell you exactly what you need to do for that. If you don’t want to make it public, send it to me in a private message by clicking on my name and then “Message”.

Some times doors swings are on a separate layer. if they are…hide them. (if the door was downloaded) If you drew the swings yourself and they are drawn on raw geomentry…like dave says…paint the swing.

My standard practice is to make everything to do with the door (door, frame, swing) a component, not least because it is often repeated. If you do that, you won’t have the problem.

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