How do I paint part of a floor a different color when there are already walls and other things on it?

I need to paint the portion of the floor that is a garage a different color from the rest of the floor, but there are walls etc. so I can’t use the line tool to separate the two parts. So what to do?

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This is exactly what you need to do. Draw a new garage floor using the wall bottom edges as a guide. Group the new floor and name it.

Then use the garage floor as a guide to cut out the area that no longer “belongs” to it (the garage part.) This will prevent Z-fighting of textures.

Then you can can paint the new garage floor.

s this the only way? The garage and lobby floors and supermarket floors will all be different color etc. It’s almost impossible to trace around the walls and columns as it is and I’m not sure which layers to turn off for the columns etc.

If this is on 1 Floor model, add a layer ‘Columns’, select the groups of columns, and assign them to the new layer. Then turn it off. Then do as @DanRathbun suggested.

Yes! It worked. I had to move some walls up and also turn off the elevator island layer, but then I was able to isolate the portion of the floor from the rest and paint it separately. That’s a bit different than creating a new floor and laying it on top, but it seems to work. I cleaned up some loose geometry too.

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Good. Glad we helped.

Argh. I am still not able to separate the floor in every part where I have to paint it differently. I moved the walls, unlayered the elevator island and got a face on the floor, yet when I make a line it doesn’t partition the center of the floor form the other end. I don’t understand why. I worked well on the garage part.
I put RiverArch 1 Floor D into the dropbox folder. I have to run out soon, to an Architecture class ironically, but could you take a look at it?

May have time later this evening - still out now - but if not, tomorrow some time, probably not before late afternoon or evening.

Your partition edge may be outside the context of the floor. Is the floor inside it’s own group or component? If so, double-click to enter into it’s entities context for editing, and draw the partitioning edge in there.

I THINK it’s simple. If the line of separation you wanted was the single black line running across parallel to a short edge of the floor.

The edges of the floor go right to the outside edge of the walls. Your line is going only to the inside edge of the walls, so it isn’t meeting the edges of the floor, so isn’t splitting it into two parts.

Here’s a simple example of what you are seeing:

The line doesn’t form a face. It can’t, unless it meets the edges of the face, AND (as Dan pointed out) they are both in the same context.

Your line is in the context of the floor, but not going to its edges.

Try drawing a rectangle instead - you won’t be painting under the outside walls!

Actually, the solution was more-or-less the opposite. I had to make the long outer walls into a new layer and then remove that. Once I did that I was able to create a box right up to the edge of the floor that was normally under the walls. It wasn’t so much the line not going to the edge otherwise, but rather SU’s snap-to tendency to “climb the walls” whenever it got near them, resulting in off-plane boxes not even on the floor.
Anyway, I now have my new middle third of the floor, freshly painted! Thanks!

Yes, that’s another good way of doing it.

But you can keep the start/end points of your line or rectangle on the floor, even with the walls there, by watching for the ‘On face’ tooltip, then pressing and holding Shift to lock that.

I was going to ask about all those dots I see - red crosses, blue and green dots etc. What do they mean? I can’t tell what they do.

See Introducing Drawing Basics and Concepts | SketchUp Help

Ah, that’s what I need to know. Thanks.
P.S. Are you still going to do the external elevator again? I want to color it and place it into the 1 floor .skp when you do. Meanwhile, working on the garage…

I’m going to do a simplified version, as for the internal elevator. It will have single skin, see-through windows and rotating and tilting power train, and you can paint the insides.

Will start that next on this project, but may not finish until tomorrow evening.

OK, I found the latest one and will start coloring it.
BTW, the class on Section last night was interesting and useful.

I’m not sure I had the latest version of the external elevator after all. I pulled in the one from SE Corner elevator Manhattan elevator docked, into my Elevators detailed and started coloring it but then I noticed some late changes weren’t there - like the beveled corners on the motor mounts, the shrinking down of the concrete blocks to 1’ 4" instead of 1’ 6" and I think you did something to the swivel too to make the motors operate closer to the rings.
I saved the version I colored to the dropbox. Could you take a look sometime and see if these other changes can be made, or made again? Thanks.

I’ll have a look - just working on the simple version of external elevator and will check it is the same as full version in overall dimensions.

The latest version of full external elevator still had square corners on motor units.

I’m working on splicing together internal and external elevators - will take a little longer to finish and check. But structurally there, I think.