Best way to do window frame

Hi guys,

I’m doing a window project. This window has not a typical square configuration. Can you please help assembling the profile to the window dimensions? Which is the best way to do? Use the Follow Me tool or placing the profiles on the lines and cut according to angle plans?

The file is attached. AWS57RO.skp (3.8 MB)

Thankyou a lot!

And one more think. I need to test the opening so the fixed frame must be separate from the opening frame.

You already have mouldings separated so all you have to do is use Follow Me on each one and each extruded profile will remain separate. If you want the sash to move as a unit, you may need to combine some profiles so that you just have sash and frame at the top level.

Thankyou for your reply.

I want the 4 sides of the window separated in 4 parts, so that i can hide some elements and insert hinges, brackets and stuff like that. If I use Follow Me in each line of the window, the angle it’s not done.

OK, well that’s new info.

You could do as previously suggested but then draw a line/lines along the diagonals to create a face along each mitre. Then select the side and make it a Group. Of course you only need do this once for each side if you make them Components and then copy them to the opposite side. If you subsequently alter one (by rebating in a hinge, say), you will have to Make it Unique.

You are saying to draw a line along the diagonals inside each component right? But how i separate each part of the window?

AWS57RO.skp (9.3 MB)