Best way for finding center point of unusual faces?

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if I may please ask how can I mark the center point of an unusual face like this one.

I used to use a “mark center point” plugin for 2015 sketchup. It worked great for exactly a face like this. Now that I installed 2016 and started all over again, I only see “Guide Tools” plugin which seems great but I can’t for the life of me mark this face at all with any of the choices. It is in a component but while editing the component I thought the face should act as if it is exploded. Or am I missing something?

Thank you for any advice.

Maybe you have used TIGs CenterPointAll instead of Thomthoms Guide tools for this before?

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Face Centroid and Area Properties by Alex Achreyer — SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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Bingo Cotty and thanks everyone.

I simply didn’t remember the correct name of the plugin. I think it is CenterPointAll.

Problem solved.