Best tool for creating perforated screen from imported dwg file

I’m new to sketchup and trying to figure out the best tool to use to create a perforated screen like the one in the link

from an imported dwg file. Having difficulty being able to select the organic shaped cut-outs separately from the overall panel itself. Looking forward to any direction I can get.

Can you share the .dwg file so we can see what you are starting with?

See attached dwg file


After you import it you’ll have a component with no faces. Open the component for editing and delete those leader components since you don’t need them.

While the component is open for editing you can trace an outside edge with the Line tool to get a face over the whole thing.

Select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then delete the faces where the openings are.

Then you should be able to use Push/Pull to give it some thickness.

I would suggest importing it with import units set to meters and then scale it down as needed after you’ve got it 3D.

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I’ll try that. Thanks for your help!

Good luck. There’s a lot of geometry there so be patient.

How tall is the panel supposed to be?