Best Product Modeling Application

Best product modeling applications? I’m wanting to model our Model Year 2020 Kawasaki products. Yep… the entire lineup. But first… I want to be using the very best product modeling application that will allow me to bring the vehicle models into SU. Anyone use Blender for product modeling?

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I’d look at Moi 3D. It’s not free but not expensive either.


Hey MarkD007!
This is Steve with 3D Warehouse. I used to be a motojournalist for small displacement bikes long ago (before 2008). It would be fantastic to have your products in 3D Warehouse. As for “very best product modeling application”, it can depend. If you want to make photorealistic models for catalog shots or video animation, then Blender or 3D Studio Max with V-Ray might be the way to go. One thing to consider is that the usage may be a bit limited to art “photography”, and animation (because the model could easily be hundreds of megs in size and too complex for your average computer). If you want a model for use by architects and designers then you might want to go with a simpler model. Something from SketchUp might look more like THIS. These models are lightweight (from a file size and complexity standpoint) and can easily be included in someone’s designs. Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks so much for your reply and all the info! I want to populate the Kawasaki display booth I modeled in SU with good looking products. That’s the goal anyway. :slight_smile:


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Forgot to add an image of a product model from MoI 3D :wink:
This guy did OK I guess (from their user forum)…


Excellent! SketchUp is great for space planning / trade show booth design. If you want to know the level of detail and image quality you could have inside of this model you could look at some examples from 3D Warehouse. N.R.Key does some nice stuff. 6TMD-Modeling has some nice examples as does bk&hk. I think THIS is an interesting design because I think it looks pretty good and is still very small (3mb / 3,104 polygons).

If you ask me, those examples are about as good as it gets for models being placed into a scene that still allow you to do realtime walkthroughs or incorporate with AR/VR viewing.

Let me know what you think about those and if they fit what you were imagining.

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So much to choose from with vehicle model rending. :slight_smile:

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Rhinoceros is also quite popular for the kind of work that involves many curved surfaces.

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MoI 3D was written by a former Rhino developer. :wink:

Yes, I know. It has lingered long on my “ought to have a try” list.

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Agreed and not a bad price either.