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Hello to the group.
There is a model of a briar pipe in the 3D Warehouse that was posted several years ago. I am a pipe maker and I have a need to make solid models of my work for a variety of reasons. I have a lot of experience with 2D CAD but I’m a total newbie to the world of making solid models from scratch. There are several scenes with this model with some procedural explanations with each scene. These are still above my level for now. Are there any recommendations for tutorials that are specifically aimed at modeling for objects rather than for architectural or animation purposes?
And, would I be best served with the Pro version of SketchUp or will the freeware work for me? I have researched a lot of solid modeling software ranging from free to you don’t want to know the price. On the surface SketchUp seems to be less intimidating than most.
Any advice is appreciated.

Free sketchup should work fine, as long as you are not using the output for anything commercial, in which case the licensing agreement compels you to purchase Pro.

For some classic tips on making ‘curvy’ models, scroll down to the “Organic - Sculpture” section on this page: Tips & Tricks

Here’s another page you shouldn’t miss…
Tweaking Tool Tips — SketchUp Sage Site

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Thanks. That will keep me reading for a while! Will the freeware generate an .stl file (without or with a plug-in?).
In my case any models or files generated would be used as part of a process that will ultimately result in an object that will be sold. The models/files themselves would not be directly sold as a commercial venture as in my providing said information to another party for profit. Opinions are welcome if that constitutes enough “commercialism” to warrant the Pro version.

Just my opinion…

If you’re going to make a few bucks selling pipes at craft fairs, I don’t see it being an issue.

On the other hand, if your pipes generate enough revenue to make a living, pay for it.

Yep, freeware or Pro will generate STL’s with this plugin: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I think that’s a good opinion ^^ :smile:

Yes it is! Thank you very much.

Maybe you will find some useful hints in this video from Dave: More Details - A Bail Pull - FineWoodworking
(looks a little bit like a pipe :wink: )