Which package is best to buy?

First off, I am new to all this and I am learning as I go. The company I work for uses solidedge for design modeling. We would like to use sketchup to see these designs in a virtual world so that these designs can be discussed with other individuals in different plant locations. Given that this is our primary intent for using Sketchup, what would be the best product to purchase and why?

I expect SketchUp Pro will get you what you need.

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I do not agree with you. In the past, in order to make the products of the company I worked for available, I was reworking geometry (natively from SolidWorks) for Sketchup users. Changes (simplifications) took place in SolidWorks and underneath the export DWG / DXF and import to Sketchup and save SKP. You don’t need the Pro version for that, do Dave? Well, unless you want to do reengineering in SU, but that would be pointless, a waste of time.

Did you just wake up grumpy today or did a wasp find it’s way into your shorts? Given that the OP asked which SketchUp package they should be looking at
, My answer is appropriate. It gives them access to all SketchUp versions and the AR and VR viewers.

Thanks for replying.

Then what do you suggest?

Thank you for replying.

How difficult is it to use Sketchup Pro for what I am trying to do?

Not difficult but you might want to go through the help files at SketchUp.com and the instructional stuff at learn.sketchup.com

How does this relate to the OP’s question? I guess you really want to change your name to Omniscient? I believe that the Shop package is sufficient for importing and saving.

Like I wrote: you need only import and save SU format. I I don’t think you need more.

Which is the Shop package?

Does this also give me ability to view the designs in VR and AR with an Oculus?

I’m strictly a Go user (iPad only) which I believe is the same as shop or web? and while it is sufficient enough of a program to get me through everything I need for work, I have found myself wishing that I had pro just for the ease of being able to customize more, use layout, and the vr and such. I find I struggle with native tools when there’s a more efficient option in pro.