Onshape software

Im curious to know if anyone has used onshape? If so, i would like opinions on it. I have a FEA course coming up soon and im looking at the educational version of onshape to use as the modeler. I have my CSWP in solidworks, so i am familiar with solid modeling.


oh, i was looking for a general chat channel on the forum but didnt see one, so i asked my question here. thanks again

I’ve used it a little bit in working with our FIRST Robotics team. It’s very powerful, seems to be quite stable and for someone who is used to SketchUp, very difficult to get used to.

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does it use the system a traditional solid modeler uses such as “select your sketch plane” so if you want to draw a cube, you have to select which plane you start the 2d sketch on?

Yeah, basically. You start with a 2D sketch and eventually make it 3D. The sketch window looks like this.

Very annoying process for me.

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ok, same as other solid modelers i have used. Not a fan of it… thanks

You might wanna trial Altair

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is this a modeler or just a sim software? ill ook when i can:) thanks

The solid modeler is called ‘Studio’. The ‘analyser’ has some basic modeling tools, but are actually only ment to draw the bounderies of the ‘design space’
After adding some forces and gliding properties, it calculates where material is needed to hold the different forces, shear, etc.
You then can use a subdivide tool to create the model.
Or model them in Studio/soldiWorks/Catia and import them to analyse motion, fea etc.

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i may have to try the modeling aspect of it. Solid works is just to expensive and even the educational version from my school requires a cr@p(the forums censor the word cr@p haha) load of setup to do. I was hoping i could use sketchup pro to model, and then export as something the fea simulator could handle… BUT im not sure anymore haha.

Sketchup is a surface modeler, not a solid modeler.
Materials in SketchUp are just repeating images. In a solid modeler, it tries to mimic the mass and all the other constants in physics.

Not sure what your native language is, but check this post (not the thread)

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yeah, su pro is mesh modeler or what i like to think as origami modeling haha.

I have written a xcell file that calculates mass properties based off of the volume, so as long as the shape i make in su pro is “solid” i can calculate all the mass properties. I know intact.design has a fea analyzer for stl files, but its limited.